Saturday, November 19, 2016

With Dad

I had them all gather around Brice and I didn't even bother making them pose.  Or expect anything other than what I got, lol.  I just wanted some pics of them with Brice.  Their good old Daddy.  Such a good old Daddy.

And then Leesie was being super cranky and would not give him a kiss.  So Liv did instead.  

And then this picture of the oldest and youngest is so sweet.  Seven years apart.  When she starts kindergarten he will be 12.  When he graduates from high school she will be 11.  When he gets back from his mission she will be 13.  Those things are far away though.  But probably not as far away as I would like.  Time really is a thief. 

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Celeste said...

Love the shots you captured. Glad your getting some photo shoots lined up. Great time to have a little extra money too.