Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Little fall festival

We went to a little fall festival on Saturday.  It was where Auntie Sherri works, so she told us about it.   They had face painting and pumpkin painting and some other cute little things.  And there was hardly anyone there, so that was nice.  Also free lunch.  The best reason for going ever.  

Olivia ran straight to the face painting table and the lady who was painting faces showed her the picture of the glasses and red nose.  And excitedly asked her if that was what she wanted.  So of course Liv said, "YES!"  and then I tried to ask her if she wanted a lady bug or something a little less.. . well you know.  But she did not.  She wanted that funny face.  And so she got it.  And then she ran all around the festival being really loud and goofy.  Which she would have done without the funny face anyway.  So it fits her perfectly.  Cam got the spider face.  And Jace had to leave.  Which he was kind of sad about.  But he had a basketball game, and commitment is commitment.  Even though really I was kind of all for him skipping his game, but mostly we paid for those games, so we were going.  Well, he and daddy were going.

Leesie ate a marshmallow and walked around.  And we rode the hay ride.  Just me and the girls.  And the girls were done about fifteen seconds into the hayride.  But luckily it was pretty short.  It was a cute little fall festival.  And the free lunch was excellent haha!

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