Wednesday, May 25, 2016

When she was sick

My sweet baby girl was really sick with a fever for about four days.  She woke up on a Saturday morning and her fever was high, like over 103.  So I gave her medicine and called the after hours office and they wanted to see her.  Jace had just started taking antibiotics for strep, and even though I know it's very unlikely that young children get strep, I thought maybe she could have it, right?  So they did a throat swab but that came back clear.  And since there were no other signs of anything being wrong besides the high fever, they wanted to do a few tests to rule other things out.  So they took a urine sample to check for a UTI and then we did some blood tests. At first they said the urine was good, but then later I guess they saw some bacteria growing on the culture they sent to the lab.  So the verdict was a UTI.  My poor baby girl. 

Her fever stayed high, about 103-104.5 for the next three days.  It finally went down, thankfully.  We have an ultrasound scheduled for this Friday so they can check and make sure there isn't anything weird going on with her kidneys that may have caused the UTI.  It's not very common for babies to get them.  So fingers crossed it was just a fluke and it will not happen again.  I hated seeing her so sick, and high fever freaked me out.  I'm so scared of them having a seizure or something.  Luckily she was just extra tired and cuddly while she had her fever.

She likes handing me things and then having me hand them back to her lately.  And also dropping things and making me pick them up.  Silly girl.

And I can't believe that the countdown is on for her to be 1 year old.  And the count down is on for Jace to be 8.  How are my kids getting so big?!


The Sandall's said...

Poor sweet baby! i'm so glad that she is feeling better!

Celeste said...

So sad when they are sick. And an UTI is just misearble. Poor girl. How exciting that Jace is getting baptized soon!