Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Summer is here

Summer is here, but it totally doesn't feel like it.  Yesterday was warm, but so cloudy.  So dreary, in fact, that when I was looking at these pictures, the colors were so blah that I just changed them all to black and white because I couldn't figure get the coloring right.  Because it was blah.  At least black and white adds a little drama.  Or something.

Anyway, so we started off summer yesterday by playing outside all afternoon and then going to Granny's to see Melanie and Troy reveal the sex of their baby.  And today we went to the park and the library before it started raining again.  And now it's raining and the kids are watching the movies they got from the library.

More rain tomorrow and Friday.  And maybe some sun Saturday. I hope so.  When is the pool going to get a chance to warm up if it doesn't stop raining?  Grrrr this weather has me so frustrated. 

Anyway, little Lise has finally decided that crawling around in the grass isn't so bad.  I'd rather have her walking around in the grass, but at least I don't have to hold her the whole time we're outside now.  And she had fun playing in this little car yesterday.  She climbed in it and got stuck in it and just had a grand ole time.  I love her and her hair and her little tongue.

Also my camera so desperately needs to be cleaned.  When I try to take video outside, its bright enough that the settings are such that you can see little dust specks on the sensor.  But there is no place near here to get it professionally cleaned.  And I don't want to mail it somewhere.  Actually I just want to buy a new, full frame camera.  But alas,  we don't have 1400 bucks to spare.  So I'll just keeping saving my piddly little money away until maybe someday I'll have enough.

Sniff sniff.

Camera stuff is so expensive.


The Sandall's said...

She's such a cutie! TyMan will teach her how to walk when he gets there. And then well both be wishing for our summer of sleeping 9crying) babies. hehehehe. And we will bring SUNSHINE with us, promise!!

kim anderson said...

Oh man! She's got that Granny Tippy tongue thing going on!!