Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Mother's Day Picture

After we played around in the parking lot, I decided that I needed to be in a picture with the kids.  I have very few pictures of myself with them.  And mostly they are all selfies.  So I spied a bush in an island of rocks and I forced them to go sit down with me and take a picture.  Brice took several.  I'm sure he thought he was being funny, just snapping away as we got ready. 

Obviously Cameron was the most thrilled about being in picture.  He's "thrilled" a lot, especially when he's tired. Then it's nonstop "being thrilled" until he goes to bed.  (also thrilled is code for "whining like a little baby") He often asks why he's crying in so many pictures that I take of him. . .

Hmm. . . 

How do I put this nicely, Cam Spam?

I believe I was saying lines along the likes of, "I deserve one picture where you all act like you're happy to be with me" (directed at the Cam)

And, "Just please try and look happy" (directed at the Cam)

And, "Okay, don't throw rocks." (directed at Liv, who kept throwing rocks. And quite frankly it's a Mother's day miracle that she didn't throw one right into my precious camera.)

See the flying rock right by Cam's foot?  At least the rock throwing made him smile.  And, oh, my Jacey Boy was a gem during these pictures.  He didn't start being a punk and calling everyone butt-niss until we went home and started getting ready for dinner and bed.

Awww they are just the sweetest little stinkers ever.  Here is what I posted on Instagram on the subject of being their mother:

We were out riding bikes and wagons and I thought, today, of all days, I should be IN a picture with my kiddos. And so there were tears, and dragging of arms, and threats of "sit by this bush and pretend to be happy for crying out loud", but yay, I got in a picture. And to be honest, out of the ten or so that Brice took, there were a couple of the kids appearing mostly happy. But this one feels more real to me. Because I could say that this mothers day was perfect and wonderful and I loved every minute of, but the reality is it was busy and rushed and a certain five year old whined from the hours of 3:00 to bedtime and a certain three year old was insanely out of control basically all day. The seven year old was sent to bed early because he wouldn't stop calling everyone "butt-niss" but a little 11 month was an angel baby (as usual). The house is a complete mess and kind of today just feels like every other Sunday. But today, and every other Sunday, I am a mom to these little people. And my gosh anytime I stop and let myself really think about that, my heart feels so full of happiness that I have to stop thinking about it because can a person really explode with joy? Sometimes I feel like I will. I love being a mom to these four. I love that they are mine forever. Happy Mothers day to all the women out there who have shaped my life and led me to be where I am today, with these four little butt-nisses of my very own.

I wrote that in the moment, and I thought trying to bring back those sentimental thoughts right now wouldn't exactly do my feelings justice.  So there you go.  

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Celeste said...

Happy Mother's Day. Love those in action pictures. We never get enough of those. :)