Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jace these days

As usual, he did not want to smile or sit for a picture.  I did get one other picture of him that was in focus (the others he was being too fidgety and crazy) but his eyes were swollen a little because he had just been outside rubbing his face all over the grass (because that's normal) and it looked like a mug shot. All right fine, I'll go get it.

I guess he just kind of looks like he got punched in the eye.  And is really really grumpy and having a really really bad day.

Oh this boy.  We have almost finished reading the entire Fablehaven series together.  I read to him (and Cam if Cam is still awake) and then he reads at school or at night after I'm done reading aloud.  I hear him talking about the books a lot and when they play imaginary games there are usually magical creatures from the books in their play.  I've been so happy that's he been to into the books.  He also really liked the Spiderwick Chronicles and read all of those on his own last year in first grade.  Maybe we are almost ready to start Harry Potter and be serious about it.  He's getting ready to be baptized soon.  And he is kind of under the impression that once he turns eight he will get to make ALL of his own choices.  Like be the boss of himself. 


That's not exactly how it works.  

Also he is losing teeth like a crazy person.  He has two completely grown in permanent teeth and I think four empty spots. 

I tried to take a picture of the missing teeth. . . but this deer in the headlights this is really awkward mom leave me alone picture is really all I could get.  Haha! I  love that toothless smile (or grimace)!

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