Thursday, May 12, 2016

Annalise Kate, 11 months

My little Leesie Kate is just the sweetest baby.  We all just can't get enough of her.  The boys just want to be around her when they're home.  I went out tonight and I took her with me and Jace said, "But I'll miss her little voice!  Just leave her here."

Oh she is so loved.  These 11 months have just flown by.  Oh the injustice of time moving too fast during this first year.  She is already wearing Olivia 18 month clothing, partly because the clothes have shrunk and partly because she's just big enough for them.  Stop being big, little girl.

Here's a little bit about my Leesie.

She loves to eat.  Pretty much anything and everything. 

She loves to crawl around the house as fast as she can.  Just from room to room to room.  

She pants like a little puppy dog.

She babbles when she doesn't have her passi in her mouth.  

But she does love that passi, so she has it in her mouth a lot.

She gives such good hugs and snuggles and loves before she goes to bed.

She likes to drink her bottle in her bed and in her bed only.  When she drinks it outside of her bed she doesn't ever finish, because there is something better to do.

She of course loves my phone and tries to sneak it from me and crawl away with it.

She loves laughing when the other kids laugh.  She likes to fit in.

She has started to be a little bit whiny, a trait I'm sure she picked up from those older siblings.

She loves for me to spin her around when we dance.

She stands up while holding on to things, but not on her own yet.

She loves other babies as long as she's bigger than them.

She loves Andy and being outside.

She has two teeth on the bottom.  

I just could kiss and snuggle her ALL day long.  I love my baby girl!


Celeste said...

I cannot believe she is almost 1! Glad she is such a good natured baby and that her siblings love her so much.

The Sandall's said...

Now that is some REAL talent being able to shove that whole angry bird in her mouth! Bwahahhahahahahaha! Cant wait to get some cuddles and hugs! Although it might be rougher this year with two movers instead of two sleeping (crying) babies... EEK!