Thursday, May 12, 2016

Olivia Rose update

She is almost three and a half.  I don't think I did a three year update.  Also I guess that's okay since when have I done a yearly update on the boys?  Hmmm I need to work on that.   Anyway, I took these pictures the other day mostly because I was bored of housework.  So why not update a little bit about Miss Olivia Rose.

She is exhaustingly full of energy.

She says, "You're so mean" about twenty times a day.  Maybe more.

She likes to play pretend games with her princesses, and she likes to act out games.  She likes to be Sleeping Beauty and I'm mean Maleficent.  Go figure.

She has to give a kiss and a hug to Brice and I when we leave to go anywhere.

She  needs lots of kisses and hugs at bedtime.

She mostly loves her little sister.  But she doesn't allow little sister to play with any of her princesses.

She can match Jace in energy and craziness, and the two of the together, especially when they're tired, are a force to be reckoned with. 

She loves playing outside.

She can be a pretty good Power Ranger or super hero when she's playing with the boys.

She doesn't like to eat.  Unless it's chips.

She's pretty small for her age, probably because she doesn't like to eat.  Unless it's chips.

She  has a pretty good vocabulary but speaks quickly and not very clearly so I sometimes still have a hard time understanding her.  

She gets mad at me when I can't figure out what she's saying.  She will try to reword things when I just can't get it.  Like she's talking to an idiot.  And the idiot is me.

She can go from happy and giggly to steaming mad and angry in a matter of seconds.

I mostly just ignore her when she's throwing her little fits.  That seems to work best.

She is a little bit of a diva and loves make up and and nail polish and sunglasses.

We can't imagine life without our Livvy.

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The Sandall's said...

Awwwww! A little diva just like her mommy!!! Is she really small for her age? Im interested to see the difference between her and Kimi...