Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cameron these days

These days my little Cam Spam is a pistol.  Sometimes happy, sometimes whiny, sometimes extremely loud and goofy. . . all the time a people pleaser.  Unless the person is me or Brice.  Then he's more of little stinker.  He recently went to a play date at a friend from school's house.  The mom commented to me repeatedly how much they enjoyed his company and what a fun little character he is.

Then I got him in the van to go home and he had a complete meltdown because he forgot his apple juice in their house and we were already halfway down the block, therefore I wouldn't let him go back and get it.  Yeah.  He's such a fun little character.  He dries it up real quick though when other people are around.  Little stinker.  He has made so much progress in school.  I worried because he didn't do any kind of preschool.  Neither did Jace.  And so I was afraid he'd be behind or something.  But he never has been.  He's been right on track and over this last month his reading has improved a ton.  He WANTS to read.  Unlike Jace, who NEVER wanted to read.  

This adorable little guy is too cute for his own good.

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Chris King said...

cutie patootie!!!