Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Christmas tree

We put up the Christmas tree with Grandma and Paka.  We did that last year, only last year I believe I was curled up in my bed after I tried to help and ended up puking, while Grandma and Brice helped over see the ornaments being handed out.

But not this year!!!  No puking and being sick for me this time. 

Annalise wasn't too sure about the commotion haha! 

And Grandma was making a list, and checking it twice.  Of groceries.

My favorite little ornaments are these little pictures ones I made last year.  I'm excited to make some more for this year, with our newest little family member in them.

Also the manual labor or putting up the actual tree is hard work, I guess :) 

Also I didn't realize till after I took these last two pictures that Liv had wiggled out of her shirt.  She tends to do that sometimes.  Obviously I'm used to it, and barely notice. 

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The Sandall's said...

Love Annalise's face! Love Livvy's braids! Love the homemade picture ornaments! Love the commotion through pictures! Love the tree! Love the sleeping Brice! Love those sweet brothers! Love that you weren't sick!!!