Monday, November 2, 2015


Jace has kind of gotten into watching old school Pokemon on Netflix.  So this year he wanted to be Pikachu for Halloween.  He stuck to his decision even when we couldn't find really much of anything that was an actual true color of yellow in solid.  Why do they not make yellow anymore?  It's like always just this bright neon yellow.

Anyway he was fine with it not matching perfectly and fine with his fairly awesome Pikachu hat and loved his lightning bolt (kind of) tail.  He owned that Pikachu costume.  I'm pretty proud of him for being original. 

The three of them above and my super cool Pikachu boy posing below. 


The Sandall's said...

Love all the Halloween pictures. Such cute kiddos in their costumes! Way to make their Halloween costume dreams come true mom!!!! And yay that you got to dress up too. Love the cat ears!!

Melanie said...

My 7 yr old was Pikachu this year too! If I could crochet him a hat like Jace's, he would be so happy! :)