Monday, November 23, 2015

Annalise Kate 5 months

When I realized, in horror (might I add), that I hadn't done any cutesy pics of Sweet Lise of her five months I was in the middle of dressing her between church and heading to Granny's for lunch.  So it was either quickly put the dress back on, which would have probably turned her sweet little mood into a super grumpy one, or just quickly take some pics with a bow sporting no clothes.  So that's just what I did.

She could not stop yelling and blowing spit at me and the camera.

But she still is the cutest thing ever.

Oh wait, let me correct myself.  She could stop yelling long enough to stare at her chubby wittle legs  Because they're so cute.  

At five months, our Leesie-girl loves to eat, watch her brothers and sister, cuddle with mommy, smile, yell, eat, and play with toys.  She doesn't roll over, makes no effort to squirm around, and has recently began to love her door hanging bouncer.  She jumps like a crazy person in it.

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Celeste said...

Love the little bubble blowing stage.