Friday, November 27, 2015

Over the river and through the woods. . .

My parents are here visiting for Thanksgiving.  Usually when they come anytime that isn't the middle of summer, it's cold, wet, and miserable here.  So I was happy that for two day of their visit, at least, they were able to see some sun and nice fall days.

Then the gloomy clouds and rain set it.

But we did have those two days.

And on one of them my dad and I took the boys on a hike at Audubon Park.  I am seriously loving this park this year, and have probably been more times in the past two months than I have the entire time we've lived here.

I never knew there were so many fun trails and that it was so pretty.  But now I know.  So I imagine I'll be visiting a lot for the rest of forever. 

Jace led the way with the map.  Or what he thought was the way. 

Cam was a trooper through the whole hike, which was probably a total of just under two miles.  He had to put on a brave face for Paka.  Had it just been me, I'm sure there would have been A LOT more whining.

And of course the best part of hiking, and really the only reason for it, as far as these two are concerned, are the snack breaks. 

The hike we went on was the Wilderness Lake Loop, and so so there are a lot of fun bridges to walk over.  Lots of them had signs showing they were Eagle Scout projects.

This is my favorite picture of our adventure.


Celeste said...

That picture of them on the bridge is gorgeous! I seriously can't believe what a great photographer you are. Glad you had some nice days while your parents were there.

The Sandall's said...

What a fun adventure! And beautiful pictures as always!!!!! You sure have an eye for the perfect shot!