Monday, November 23, 2015

In which she eats a graham cracker

Annalise is five months but I've yet to put up a "five month" post of her.  So let me say that at five months, little Lise loves to eat.  She loves her rice cereal (with Karo syrup added) and the other day we were eating dinner and she was getting angry that she was getting nothing.  So I thought I would crumble some graham crackers and put them in her mouth.  She loved it.  It is now her most favorite snack.

Also she loves it when I crumble some graham crackers right into the rice cereal.  That is also her most favorite snack.

She also loves her bottle.  Another most favorite snack.

She will be like the Spam, in that everything will be her most favorite snack.  Until she turns two and then she will act like we are torturing her when we make her eat food that is not candy.  Because that's how Cam is now.

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