Monday, November 23, 2015

Crazy in the kitchen

So with my hard earned photography money (from the few jobs I've had) I bought another lens that I've been wanting.  It's one that will work better for pics inside our tiny house, since my other lens kind of zooms things in.  This one is 28 mm, and on my cropped camera sensor is pretty much like what I'm seeing with my actual eye.  I tried it out the evening I got it, first with those pictures of Annalise eating, and then with these.

I'm pretty happy with it.  Not that these pictures are fantastic, because it was completely dark outside and the only light was the ugly overhead light, which makes for fuzzy pictures with weird lighting, but because I could actually take pics that didn't feel like I was right up on on top of the kids. 

Although they were right on top of me because of course they wanted to be directly in front of the camera.  But whatever.  And I could hold the camera and and take pics of Annalise right in front of me and not be taking a picture of just her nose.  Yay. 

Also the kids are crazy.

Of course by now you already knew that.

Jace also has decided he doesn't want to wear a shirt anymore for sleeping.  Not that it matters.  And I know lots of boys do that.  But it's weird that he just randomly decided that.

And we still have the original table we got when we first got married.  Maybe we're in denial that we have FOUR kids now?  Perhaps a bigger table should be on the "necessity" list.  I think it's just when we have money to buy things for the house, there are always other things that take priority over the table.  Ahem.  Like this lens.

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