Saturday, December 5, 2015

In which there are bunnies, movies, and not pizza

Brice and his brothers have been helping a guy in the branch with some building.  He has bunnies.  So Jace and Cam went with Brice the other day to help work, and I took Liv over after they'd been there for about an hour.  First, I knew that I needed to rescue Brice from the craziness of both the boys.  Since when they are together, they are complete spazzes.  Also, I knew Liv would enjoy seeing the bunny.  So we went and saw one little bunny.  But it was pretty cold.  And pretty muddy from the week of non stop rain.  So we didn't stay long before we all got in the van and headed to the library to get some movies (because those are just like books right??) and then to Little Ceasars for some pizza (because that's healthy right??).  BUT the line for pizza was insanely long so, ignoring the cries of "I want pizza" I quickly left there and headed home for some good old peanut butter and jelly.

A pretty good night. 

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The Sandall's said...

I'm pretty sure I would stuck it out in that pizza line!! Love the adorable faces you captured of them holding the bunny! Sweet bunny! Sweet kiddos!