Friday, September 20, 2013

We had to leave Saturday morning.  Jace and I wanted one last look at the beach.  Because we love it.

So since I was up most of the night with a sick Cameron, it was pretty easy to get down to the beach to see the sunrise.  But the clouds were kind of in the way.  But it was still beautiful.  And peaceful and quiet.  And it was just me and Jace.

So we sat at the edge of where the water was crashing into the sand and watched the sky get lighter and lighter.  We said goodbye to the beach.  Goodbye to the waves and the sand. 

Goodbye to the abundance of cute little frogs.

And goodbye to the awesome swimming pool the kids all loved so much.

Goodbye beach!  We had so much fun with you! 

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The Sandalls said...

Tears.... I honestly feel sad. It's really over (almost, I still have a few more posts). What an amazing, fun, relaxing trip! Miss u guys already! 352 sleeps (hahaha)