Friday, September 20, 2013

Our last day for playing at the beach was perfect (but don't worry, I still have more posts).  The water was perfect, anyway.  It had turned a little less blue than when we had visited that morning to let the crabs go, but it was still very clear.

I forced the kids to take more pictures.  You understand now why they rebelled the day before.

Jace was his chill, lover of the ocean self.

I think all Cameron wanted to do was go back to the house and not move another muscle.

His eyes say it all.

This is the view from our bedroom window.
Troy caught me looking out it forlornly after we came back to the house Friday afternoon.  He told me not to be depressed.

How did he know?

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Mary said...

See.. this is why i.. WE need to live by a beach! It's perfect. and look at your adorable, frame-able pictures! I mean, really. I want to live on a beach! It's the best!!