Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Wakey wakey

She is such a cutie when she wakes up in a good mood.  Of all my kids, she's the one who takes naps the latest.  As in late in the day.  And that's because we're usually running around in the mornings and we don't get home for lunch and nap time until after 12:00.  And then she naps for a good two to three hours.  And it's awesome.  And she usually wakes up happy and smiley.  Unless we have to wake her up.  Which I sometimes do, especially if she's sleeping too late.  I mean, she still needs to go to bed at a decent hour for my sanity.  

On this particular day, she was super happy and jumping in her crib. And her hair was the cutest.  And her smile.  Even with that passi that she loves so much. 

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