Monday, April 10, 2017

Seasons change

We are headed into spring around here.  It's seems like maybe it's for real and for keeps this time, because all this week is in the sixties and seventies and one day even forecasted for the eighties.  Fingers crossed warmer weather is here to stay. 

And maybe the rain can kind of stop coming every other day.  That would be nice.  

Spring break came and went.  It felt like a whirlwind to me.  We were so busy playing and running around and then the weekend was really busy, too.  So I feel like I'm on vacation from spring break today.  I dropped the boys off and the girls and I got back into our regular routine of coming home, doing the dishes (I do the dishes and they play), going to the gym, then coming home and eating lunch and taking naps or watching TV while only Leesie naps. Ahh.  Nice and regular. 

Tomorrow the girls go back to preschool and then in the evening the three older kids will do swimming lessons.  Jace doesn't need swimming lessons.  But.  I don't know what else he would do during that time, so I signed him up anyway.  He can just annoy his group swimming instructor and swim around the pool.  At least it will be a nice break from mom yelling at him.  A stranger yelling at him.  And Leesie can go to the child watch during their lessons and I can be a FREE woman for half an hour on Tuesday and Thursdays for the next four weeks.  Woohoo!!

And now, some pictures of playing in the yard the other lady.  Little Leesie thinks she's such a big girl.  Sniff sniff. 

Also you can totally tell that the Spam thinks his new trick (putting his legs up while riding) is the coolest thing ever. 

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