Monday, April 17, 2017


I don't think I can actually call them "ballers".  Because they're really just not that into basketball.  Or any sport, for that matter.  But I still think it's important that they have some kind of athletic skills.  So  I make them go shoot hoops.  And sometimes they enjoy it.  And then sometimes not.   Cam seems more into than Jace.  So maybe he'll want to play next year in the little league that Jace wanted to play in this year.  And maybe by next year, Jace will be interested in basketball again.  Or maybe they'll both just have horrible memories of me telling them they can't some inside until they make 25 baskets and hate basketball forever.

I guess time will tell.  Muahahahahaha!

And meanwhile, as I took these photos, Annalise cried by the gate because I wouldn't let her come out because I didn't want her to get pounded in the head with a basketball.  What a mean mommy I am. 

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