Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter egg coloring

This year we attempted Easter egg dying.  I've done this maybe once with Cameron and Jace, and maybe when they were too little to even remember.  

Then when I did it with all the kids, I remembered why I've only done it once.

The kids did have fun.  And there wasn't even too much fighting, I guess.  But there was a lot of egg dropping and egg smashing.  The pup got to eat a lot of hard boiled eggs.  

Annalise went back and forth from the trampoline to her egg in her egg beater.  That idea (from wherever I saw it on the internet) was genius. 

And then Cameron wanted to taste the water.  He wanted to taste the water so bad that he just couldn't stand it, and had to do it.  Of course he immediately spit it out and started coughing and laughing.  Gross. 

I guess we'll have to do it again next year.  As long as we can do it outside.  And also as long as I set aside any expectations of how many eggs will survive the ordeal. 

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