Monday, April 24, 2017

Egg hunt

I remember when the boys were slow enough to get pictures of them hunting eggs.  Not so much anymore.  Unless I wanted to sprint after them.  Which I didn't want to do.  So this first picture is the only one of them.  Poor neglected boys.  Jace is not even forefront in the picture.  He's there in the back.  

Oh well.

Olivia was a little easier to follow.

But of course Leesie was the easiest.  Plus also it was her first egg hunt that she could really participate in.  And she loved it.

She did not need anyone to hold her bucket.  Nor would she let anyone hold her bucket.  And she knew just how to pick up the eggs quickly and move on to another egg. So cute. 

Look at her determined little egg hunting face. 

And then she loved eating her candy.  And she threw a big fit when I took the bucket away because she was stuffing her face literally with candy.  Big fit.  

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