Saturday, April 22, 2017

Excessive amounts of flower pictures

I took the girls out to a flower field on day while the boys were in school.  I figured I would spare the boys the torture.  It was warm this day, so the girls were hot.  And it was windy.   And we had to walk a little ways through the field to get to the middle of the flowers, and their shoes were not the best for walking in a field of flowers.  So I ended up carrying them both out there, and carrying them back to the van when we were done.  It was quite the work out.  And the sun came out from where it was hidden behind the clouds, which meant I was shooting in full sunlight.  Which isn't my favorite.  But the pictures still turned out cute.  Even though the girls weren't too thrilled to be out there.

But Annalise was thrilled about the after picture treat.  Because she sure loves suckers. 

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Celeste said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the flowers.