Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Purple flower field

So I think it was maybe last week that we went searching for a field of purple flower weeds for another photo shoot I had to do the next day.  We found one, so I made the kids pose for me.  And took an excessive amount of pictures, all of which I love, so I had to share them all.

Today is day three of spring break.  We are having a pretty good week!  I am not totally going crazy or losing my cool more times than normal.  I mean, of course there is the normal amount of losing of the cool going on, but it's pretty standard, and not extra, like I thought it might be.  We've been trying to keep busy, which seems to help keep the cool in tact.  Monday we went to the gym and a friends house and played for a long time.  Tuesday we went to the zoo with friends and then the park and then had friends come over to our house to play for a long time.  Today we went to the gym (where I drop the kids off at the child care, so of course that is a must) and then we tried to do some hiking at a nearby park, but we got rained on a little.  So we didn't stay there too long.  But it was fun while it lasted.  And now the girls are sleeping, the boys have just played video games for two hours while the girls were sleeping, and I just sent them outside to play.

And the girls are still sleeping.  Yay for sleeping girls. 

Also I have done really crappy dinners this week, which has been helping with the keeping of the cool.  Monday we had macaroni and cheese and yesterday we had grilled cheese sandwiches.  Today Jace has cub scouts and I have to take everyone with me, so I'm thinking maybe pizza from Little Ceasars. Sounds like a plan to me. 

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