Monday, April 10, 2017

Attempted hike

One morning after I went to the Y and worked out, I decided we would try a little hike at a park nearby.  But it was really getting cloudy and it looked like it would rain any minute.  But then it kind of looked like it was going to go around us, and the little trail was like .16 of a mile, so I figured we would be quick and if it rained we would just run the rest of it.

Annalise was super excited and happy about the hike.  Until Jace dropped a stick on her head.  Then she was mad and wanted me to hold her and did not want me to take any pictures of her.  Thanks for that, bud.  

This park is really pretty and actually has quite a few really nice and fun hiking trails.  It'll be fun to do them all with the kids someday.  When they can all walk the whole way.  Preferably without whining. 

Then it started raining and we hightailed it back to the car.  Only I new it would take me a second to find the car keys so we ran under the building cover by the parking lot while I looked for the keys.  And then the sun came out and the rain tapered to a drizzle and then stopped.  So we jumped in puddles and went walking around the old museum grounds. 

This is Leesie being grumpy still. 

We played Mother May I?  And Liv's jumping face cracks me up.

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