Sunday, July 10, 2016

St. Louis zoo part 1

After Jace's baptism my dad went to Utah for a brother's reunion, so he flew out of St. Louis.  And my madre got to stay with us for a week.  Woohoo!

So since he needed to get to St. Louis, I figured we could all drive him up there and go to the zoo before his flight left.  It was super hot, but really fun.  That zoo is so cool.

Jace was in heaven in the reptile house because of his love for snakes.  And his random knowledge of snake facts.

And I thought it would be fun for little Leesie to get out of her stroller to look at a monkey who was sitting right by the glass.  But of course then the monkey left and then we needed to move on and then Leesie screamed until we exited the monkey house area and I gave her some food.

Sometimes Grandma needed to rest in the shade.

And the gorilla really couldn't care less about people watching him.  He just chilled there.  Even with Olivia banging on the glass and pressing her face up against it.

These air mist blowers left the kids looking they were covered in ice.  The white illusion was just the sunscreen I had slathered on their faces.  

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The Sandall's said...

We need to hit up that zoo with you guys sometime. LOVE those pictures of Brice and Leesie girl. SO sweet!