Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Jace's baptism

Jace's baptism was such a special day.  Troy and my dad gave great talks for him, and the little girls sang I am a Child of God, and it was basically the sweetest thing ever. 

I don't really know what else to say about this special day.  All of our Kentucky family was there, and Emily and her family got to be there, and my parents were there.  I am so thankful they were able to make the trip here to be with us and celebrate our little Jacey boy.

I just finished writing my testimony down for Jace in his little book, so I guess I'll share it here, too.  So that all my kids will be able to know how much I love this gospel and how much I know it to be true.

Ahem.  Here we go:

Dear Jace,

Tonight I am looking at pictures from your baptism, which was just a couple of weeks ago.  It's probably no surprise, but they are bringing tears to my eyes. You look so handsome in your suit.  You are clean and fresh and a beautiful child of God.

My testimony is that this church is true, Jace.  And you have been blessed, and chosen, to come to this earth at this very special time.  You have a strong spirit, and the Lord has great things planned for you.

You have taken the first steps towards your eternal life by being baptized, as the Savior was baptized. Never forget the covenants you made on that very special day.  You were given the gift of the Holy Ghost to help guide you, and I know that he will, if you listen with your heart and try to feel his Spirit near.

One purpose of this book is so you can read the testimonies of all the people who love.  Jace, I love you so much.  And I love this gospel so much.  I gained my testimony over time; as a young girl going to Primary, and then Young Womens, and always trying my hardest to keep the commandments of God.  I gained my testimony by praying and trying to feel the Savior's love for me, especially during difficult times in my life.  He has always been there for me, and He will ALWAYS be there for you.

Remember, Jace, no matter what you are going through, there is ONE person who understands it completely.  And that is our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know He gave His life and suffered for us so that he would know EXACTLY how we feel.  Never forget that you can always feel, and will always be deserving of, His love. 

We have prophets today.  They lead and guide us during these troubled times.  Joseph Smith was a remarkable boy and man.  I know he was a true prophet, and brought back the Lord's restored church to this earth.  He gave his life for this gospel, and I will forever love him.

Families CAN be together forever.  This eternal truth  has brought me more joy and peace than anything else in this world.  I feel the truth of those words with every fiber of my being.  You are mine forever.  My beautiful, browned eyed boy.  My first baby.  Oh how I love you.  Know that I will always love you.  Always.

Love, Mom

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