Friday, July 1, 2016

Birthday boy presents

Since we had so much partying going on when Emily was here, I decided to party for both of my kids on the same day.  Maybe I'm the worst mom ever or maybe I'm just practical.  I don't know which it is, but it worked out fine and they were both happy.

Also just as a side note, we were just locked out of the house.  We came home from the YMCA and I sent Cam in with the keys to get some cheerios to feed the chicken.  And another side-side note, I'm done having a chicken.  We need to get rid of Mr. Chicken.  Like yesterday. 

Anyway, so he went in but didn't fully unlock the door, so when he came back outside the door was locked.  And so were were stuck.  All the windows were locked or had the safety things open which means they wouldn't open more than two inches.  So we had to wait for Brice to leave work and come rescue us.

And as we waited, the kids acted like they were going to die.  They were sure they would dehydrate.  And starve to death.  And suffer a long slow miserable tortuous death outside.

Pretty sure if they had like a "kid survivor" show and my kids were on it, they would be the first ones voted off the island.  

And here are pictures of Jace eagerly opening his presents.  His actual birthday was Monday, and though we had signs up at home and cupcakes that night, he didn't get any presents.  He very patiently waited until the next day to open presents.  Without too much pestering.  He was thrilled with all his presents and loved his quickly thrown together creeper cake.

Yay for two more birthday down!  Now mine and the Spam's to get through this summer.  

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