Thursday, July 14, 2016

Land walking

The other day I went out to the farm/land and Brice and I walked around our part of it and talked about where we'll build out house.  It was pretty exciting.  Even though it's far away.  But actually standing where it will be gives some hope that maybe it's not that far away. . . kind of.  

So our house will probably be directly in front of the tree on the right.  Which we will probably cut down, because otherwise the tree will be right in front of the window in the living room and we won't be able to see the pretty view.  The tree on the left will stay up.

And I took this picture standing on the outside of our property.  So our house will be in front of that tree and then our front yard will go down the hill and pretty much to the road that runs across in front of that white house.  Kind of.  

And then I made the boys show me where they found a tiny little pond that is not actually on our property, but still cool.  So we trespassed onto our future neighbors property.  A little.  They'll love being our neighbors.  Maybe.

Cameron acted like I was making him walk a million miles.

And then I tried to get them to take a picture and he was not having it.  And Jace knows by now to just do it and get it over with, but the Spam was not cooperating. 

And I don't know why Jace felt the need to raise his shirt.  But Cam finally stopped being a stinker.  For a split second.  

And also these weeds were pretty.

And the pond is pretty.  Although slightly icky.

And then we walked back to the barn.  And I stopped to take another picture of a view of the land.  Ours starts where that post is.  Also it goes down over the hill in front of the tree that will be cut down. 

Also I thought Papa would like this pretty view of his precious barn. :) 

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The Sandall's said...

I can't wait for your dream home to be built on that beautiful land! Its close. so close!!! Love the pictures! What a treasure to have and to be able to watch and continue to document as everything happens!! So exciting!!! Also, can't wait to see what else those two boys discover together!