Thursday, July 14, 2016


The Fourth of July Highlights:

It rained for most of the day.

We had yummy food at Granny's.

It stopped raining in the afternoon, so we stopped on the way home and bought some sparklers.

Brice sent me in to get the sparklers and I got a lame kind that didn't burn very long and were really smoky.

Cam kept getting choked up on the smoke and coughing like a maniac and had to go in a do a breathing treatment.

Liv was scared of the sparklers and I don't blame her because they burned down to the end very quickly.

Brice couldn't get them lit very well.

Jace enjoyed them.

I tried to get them to write their names or something with them but that was difficult and they were just crazy with them.

Then it got dark and the neighbors started their super cool show (they always spend like hundreds of dollars and have a ton of fireworks so we get to just stay home and see a pretty cool show)

The kids were done after about twenty minutes of the cool fireworks and I was ready for them to be in bed so we went in and to bed they went and the fireworks showed continued outside for another two hours.

Seriously people around here are crazy with fireworks.

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The Sandall's said...

Looks like you still had a fun and enjoyable fourth of july despite the rain and terrible sparklers! hehehe! Thank goodness the kids were able to sleep through the fireworks!