Friday, July 1, 2016

Not Off Limits MakeUp

So the very first Saturday the cousins were here, Kimi and Livvy slipped away up the stairs and found Aunt Melanie's make up stash.  And they went to town.  Mostly they just covered their eyebrows with mascara.

And so after we told them that Aunt Melanie's make up was off limits, I felt the need to buy them some dollar store make up for them to play with.  Mostly because I thought it would be cute to take pictures of them putting it on.  

And it was.  Also they really all wanted to cover their eyebrows with mascara again.  But we tried to show them where it was supposed to go. 

Mascara is a little tricky even for big girls, little ones, so it's okay. 

Also Kimi's open mouth in the pic above cracks me up because I so do that when I'm putting on mascara.  Opening your mouth just makes it easier.  And apparently it's an instinct that comes in even the littlest women haha!

The girls passed the little handheld mirror around to admire their handy work. 

Liv wasn't too sure about lying in the grass for a picture.  But the one below of Emily's girls is so dang cute! 

And also Olivia doesn't need any help to do that little model look.  Which is kinda scary.

And another also is that Kimi loved that mirror.  And her pretty makeup. 

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Chris King said...

Watch out, they're all gonna be lookers!