Saturday, July 2, 2016

Night swim number 1

The kids went night swimming with Granny and glow sticks.  Only it started out more as evening swim, because my goodness it was taking FOREVER to get dark.  Although it finally did start to get darker, as you can tell through the pictures that get darker and darker.

And I don't know where the little girls were.  Not worrying about the glow sticks maybe, so they're not in any of these pictures.  Or maybe they were cold and sitting out of the water?  I have no idea.  They were around somewhere. 

Also my kids like to chew on things.  I believe I took these away as soon as we got home, because one more than one occasion they've busted the sticks open and been I'm sure been slightly poisoned by the fluid inside. 

But they're all still kicking it. So I guess they're fine. 

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