Tuesday, March 8, 2016

In the boys room

Sometimes we play in the boys' room.  Although I will say not that often, because it's take quite some preparing to play in there, due to the massive amounts of legos all over the place.  I have to do some detailed picking up, so it's not really worth it some times. 

But we played in there today.

Lisey girl loves it.  Also she loves crawling around now and thinks she is so so big.

Also at this point when I was taking pictures I remembered that I wanted to start taking more pics in RAW to see if I could start to notice a difference.  I actually have been using RAW for newborn pics, all the two shoots I have done of newborns.  And I did notice a big difference in the detail and also the softness I could get.  

And I noticed the difference in these pictures, too.  So maybe I am going to become a RAW girl after all. . . 

Also Annalise thinks she's a dog with that tongue hanging out all the time, I guess.

And I love the faces she makes.  She's so funny.  And to me she just still looks like a little Cameron with earrings.  Good thing she has those earrings.  Oh I just love her to pieces.

And whenever I try to take pictures of Lisey girl and big sister is around, she becomes quite the camera hog.  Like she wants all the attention from mommy.  So I knew that was inevitable, but it's still kinda annoying.  And I don't wanna be too harsh. . . but I really wanna just say, "Move it, I want pics of your sister now."   I mean Olivia has enough pictures of her to last a lifetime, so I mean really.  

And Lisey girl is starting to pull herself up on stuff.

But then. . . 

she gets a little nervous.  And whimpers for mommy to help her.

And then big sister says, "Look I can stand up on the table, too."  And shows up her little sister.  As all big sisters do, I'm sure.

And then little sister won't look at me because she still hasn't forgiven me for taking so long to rescue her.


Anonymous said...

so sweet!

The Sandall's said...

Love that tongue and those faces (from both girls)! Such sweet, adorable, and cute sisters!