Monday, March 21, 2016

This is. . .

This is Jace telling me to stop taking pictures of his face and take a picture of his awesome Lego ship.

And then this is Cameron laughing at me because he threw a Lego at me and it got stuck in my hair.

And this is Jace never leaving Annalise alone.

And this is Annalise still loving him even though he's annoying.

And this is Jace showing Grandma his Lego ship and Cameron being a spaz.

And then this is Liv telling me that the boys did something mean to her.  I can't remember what exactly.  They are always doing something mean to her.

Or so she says.

And this is Jace getting quizzed on multiplication flash cards but then getting mad because I'm taking pics at the same time and multiplication flash cards are SERIOUS BUSINESS, MOM.

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