Sunday, March 20, 2016

Grandma came!!

Grandma came for her spring break!  We loved having her here.  And for the first time in forever since she's come here for spring break, it was actually kind of like spring!

We did a lot of playing around the house with the girls while the boys were in school.  And then we wrestled with the boys when they got home from school.  Nothing too exciting, but we just loved having here for our every day activities.

We miss her already.  And Leesie girl really warmed up to her towards the end of her visit, especially since they were roommates.  Until Leesie's four o'clock wake up when she comes to bed with mommy and daddy.  Yeah, we're still working on getting her to sleep in her bed all night on a regular basis.

Also I'm taking votes for how to spell Leesie.  Lisey, Lisee, Leesie. . . if you've got a suggestion or a vote, speak now or forever hold your peace.

I can't decide and spell it different every time.  So come on, help a sister out and tell me what to do. 

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