Sunday, March 20, 2016

Little toy play time

She of course loves to play in the boys room with all their little toys.  Toys that she just wants so bad to shove in that mouth of hers.  BUT if she has her passi in, she'd much rather keep the passi in.  So the toys sometimes hover near her mouth, and then she thinks, "hmmmmm, it is worth it to take this thing out?  Nah."

I followed her in there with my camera the other day and just love all these cute pictures of her just playing away.  These kinds of pictures are my favorite. 

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kim anderson said...

She was so excited Saturday kneeling over that amazing collection of Legos. Then she popped one in her mouth so I thought it safer for her to sit with Poppy and watch him and Cam throw stuffed animals at blocks....she liked that too. Precious beyond words!!❤️❤️