Thursday, March 3, 2016


I'm feeling a little bit "grainy" today, so these grainy dark pictures are well suited.

Remember when you first had kids and were all oh, the teenage years will be awful.  The attitude and the back talk and the know it all-ness of teenagers.  Good things that's a long way away.

But then remember when suddenly your seven year old was acting like a teenager and it was all you could do to keep from ripping your hair out?

Dear seven year old:  quit acting like such a teenager. 

Thank you.

And then in other news, this little missy finally is getting the hang of crawling.  She does a mix between army crawling and regular crawling and she makes a beeline for anything she's not supposed to touch as soon as she can.  And then she looks at me over her shoulder like, "What? Am I not supposed to put my finger in an electrical outlet?"

And that's all. Boring pictures of some boring rainy, wet and cold days.

The end.


Celeste said...

Your "grainy" pictures are still ten times better than my best pics. Can't believe she's up and moving. Bye bye baby!

The Sandall's said...

Yay for a crawler!!! Make that momma work LiseyGirl!!!