Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sunshine Saturday

Another sunshine-y Saturday!  How did we get so lucky?  Could it really mean that spring is coming for real?  For really real?!!!

We had some colder days during the week but today was beautiful.  So this afternoon we spent some time outside.  And can you believe the kids are making some good progress with the rabbit? It allows them to pet her!

They're pretty thrilled about that.

Also I think the rabbit thinks it's a dog or something.  Andy always runs along the side of the gate to greet us when we come home, and now the rabbit does the same inside it's cage.  It even stands up on it hind legs up against the stairs as we walk inside, as if it wants our attention.  Probably it just wants food, but whatever.  We still think its cool.

I brought Annalise outside and had her sitting on a towel while I was taking pics of the rabbit, but when I looked over she had found herself in an uncomfortable situation.  And also I pulled grass out of her mouth.  Eww.

But she loved being outside, even when the others came over to harass, er I mean love, her.

Stay forever sunshine!

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