Thursday, January 23, 2014

This morning I took Cam to have his allergies tested.  To perhaps give us a clue as to why he is always getting the runny nose and congestion, which causes his asthma to flare up.  

Which leads to emergency room trips and hospital visits.

Which cost $14,000.  For two nights.  That's more than having a baby costs.  That is crazy.

Obviously that is not what we actually have to pay, otherwise I wouldn't be typing this right now.

I would be curled up on the floor in the fetal position, probably hyperventilating.  In my own vomit, most likely.

For once we are making the insurance company work for US this year.  

How do they like them apples?  

But anyway here is how his back looked right after they poked him.

He had asked me if he was going to have to get a shot.  I lied and told him no.  I mean I couldn't actually say, "No. . . more like thirty shots."

He was laying on his belly enjoying the Kindle when they started the first few pokes.  And he quickly started crying and by the fifth or sixth started screaming, "Stop touching me!"  Poor little guy.  But he didn't throw a huge fit, and he didn't squirm around too much.  He was a champ.  I was very proud of him.

Also the nurse was VERY quick.  Gotta love a good nurse.

It helped calm him down to see a picture of what his back looked like.  He started playing up the sympathy cards immediately.

"I'm gonna show Jace, okay?"

"You show him okay?"

"Because I got lots of pokes and it hurt."

"So we'll show Dad, too, okay?"

So the result is that he is basically allergic to EVERYTHING in nature.  ALL trees, grass, dogs, cats, probably other animals. . . dust mites.  Mold.

Not cockroaches.  So that's something?

He is too young for allergy shots.  So we'll just have to keep doing what we're doing.  Give him daily allergy medicine.  Watch the pollen counts.  Get an air purifier for his room. . . pull up ALLLLLL the ugly carpet (I should have made the doctor put that in writing so I could show it to Brice).

Luckily we can let the cockroaches run free.

Totally joking about the cockroach part.  A cockroach sighting in the house would call for a full on evacuation.  Bleh.  

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Celeste said...

Holy cow!No wonder he always has a cold. Poor kid. Does that mean no more Andy?