Monday, October 10, 2016


It is finally starting to cool off a little.  Although it still doesn't feel very fall-ish.  The leaves really haven't started changing and though the days a tiny bit cooler, it's still pretty warm and humid.  And very mosquito-y. 

But we've been playing outside a lot after school.  So here are some pictures from one afternoon outside. 

And this little girl is just the sweetest.  And she loves being outside.

And Cam and Liv of course have their arguments.  A lot.  They are either best friends and getting along perfectly or they are at each others throats.  There is no in between.  But as I took this picture of him with a grumpy face, I reminded him that there are quite a bit of pictures of him with a grumpy face.  So then he gave me a smiley face to use instead.  But I'm using them both.  Muahaha. 

Jace has been very into these Minecraft fiction books that's he gotten at his school library.  So he was busy reading on the porch steps.  He's a regular little nerd these days, haha. 

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