Saturday, October 15, 2016

The girls at the park

We went to the park the other day on the way home from running errands.  Annalise was already tired and grumpy, but Liv was begging to play.  Plus also she had on a crown and her fairy skirt.  So that was important.  

Liv walked around the edge of the fountain and then of course Leesie wanted to try it, too.  Only she wouldn't hold my hand and she got mad when I tried holding on to her clothes, like in the pic above.  So we had to leave the fountain.  And she threw a fit about it.

Then we headed over to the playscape.  And she wanted to go up the stairs.  And then down the stairs by herself.  But she wouldn't turn around and go on her belly.  So we fought about that quite a bit.

And then she made this super beautiful face.  When I kept tell her to turn around.

And then I tried to let Olivia swing.  But Annalise was so mad that she just threw herself on the floor by me kicking and screeching.

So we tried to the playscape again.  But she was still mad at me.

But then big sissy helped her go down the slide.  And then she was a little happier. 

And then she wanted to do this one by herself.  She screeched when I stood near her.  So I stepped back.  And then she changed her mind and wasn't so sure about the slide.

But then  big sissy came and pushed her down.  Big sisters are good like that. 

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