Monday, October 3, 2016

When birds attack and flying kites

The last beach day is always a little sad for me.  The week is over and real life it about to begin, and I really just want to stay at the beach forever.  Even though it's exhausting.  And there is and everywhere.  

I took some pics of all the kid together, and of course the girls needed their snacks right away.

And then as I was trying to get some pics of just the boys, I noticed Jace's face like this, and heard Liv's screaming.

Apparently she had gotten little too cocky with the sea gulls, and they were feeling extra brave, because they were stalking her pretty hard for those chip crumbs.

Of course I had to keep snapping pictures of it.  Even though she was terrified.

Mean old seagulls.

And then she handed off her bag of snacks to me, regained her composure, and set of to exact her revenge on those annoying birds.

But they were just always out of reach.

Meanwhile, Jace tried to protect Annalise from her swarm of loyal chip snatching followers.  Though she didn't really need his protection, as she didn't care about the birds.  She knew they weren't getting any of her chips.

And then we flew kites.  Or tried to anyway.  It was SUPER windy.  And Liv's kite didn't even have a string.  But she loved it anyway.

And then Jace let go of his kite string (on purpose) and it flew off and got tangled up in a photoshoot.

Awkward.  See Cam running to try and rescue it?  Jace and I just kind of watch on.  I don't even think Cam got it back.  Perhaps Brice went to help him.  I can't remember.  I just knew I wasn't going over there. 

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