Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cates Farm

We went to the pumpkin patch for the annual school night that the boys school has there.  We saved 4 dollars off our entry fee by doing that.  I'm beginning to think it might be worth the extra four dollars by just going on our when it would be less crowded.  Because although the kids love the school night, because the get to see their friends from school, I kind of hate how crowded it is. 

Because I only want my kids in my pictures :)

Annalise thinks she's officially one of the big kids now.  It's really cute, but kind of sad.  Because every day my little baby is getting bigger and bigger.  Sniff, sniff.

The boys were basically running around the whole night and I got these two kind of lame pictures of them and that is it.  Because they are nonstop and don't have any time for me.  Sniff.  

With our admission we were each allowed to pick one pumpkin.  So the kids picked their pumpkin.  And then we left them all there.  Kind of on accident, but kind of not.  Because I realized we had forgotten to grab them as we headed towards the car, but then I thought hmmmm, is it really worth it?  We'd have to troop all the way back there to get them, only to have nowhere to put them because Andy likes to eat them.  And then we'd just have them taking up room in the house.  Which is already cluttered.  And they be lugged around and dropped and start to mold and get yucky and would end up being thrown out anyway.

So I said nothing and we left and then I pretended to be aghast that they were forgotten. 

And also this is the face Leesie gives when a strange old man tries to get her to smile at him.  She doesn't care, strange old man.  And she will not smile at you.

And her favorite things were these little tunnels that she could crawl in.  I thought she would be scared, but nope.  She loved it. 

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Celeste said...

Hahaha, I can't believe you left your pumpkins! What will you carve now? :) This looks like a really fun place. I'm always shocked why these pumpkin patches cost so much.