Saturday, October 8, 2016

All her faces

One day last week Annalise was napping and I was trying to keep this girl quiet so she wouldn't wake her up.  We played with toys in the boys room, and then I took some pictures of her in front of our dark chair in the living room, which is next to the window, which allows for beautiful window light and a nice black background.

And so I edited them in color and black and white because I liked both. 

Currently, it's Saturday.  Brice is working all day, as he has been working all day every Saturday since we got back from the beach.  The boys are watching TV in the living room, Liv is watching TV in our room, and Annalise is pulling everything out of the diaper bag and spreading it all across the house.  She found some coins and snuck out of the room with them, repeatedly looking over her shoulder at me to see if I would stop her.  She also has her passi in her mouth, so I don't think she will eat them.  But I guess I better go and get them away from her.  Which will result in lots of screaming.  So that will be fun.

Also it's fall break next week.  Which is good in that I don't have to take the boys to school and also I have a break from my little preschool job, but bad in the fact that I have a week of the kids home, three days of which I'll have an extra kid cause I'm watching one for someone.  What should we do?  Just go insane all together here in our tiny house?

Okay, that sounds good. 

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