Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Social Swing

The Social Swing is way better than the Social Network.  

The cousins are here and the socializing is in full swing.  We have been partying since Friday night when they got here around 7:00.  And when I say partying, I really mean partying.  A birthday and graduation party for Lucas and then a birthday party for Jace and Annalise.   Whew.  We've still got a party for Keanzie and a baptism for Jace left in the way of partying.  And of course there is all the "unofficial" partying that we do nonstop.  Swinging and swimming and eating and playing and laughing.  Plus crying and yelling and fighting.  And not just the kids, hehe.

But the social swing has been a big hit.  These pictures show just how much fun the kids were having on it.  And of course their attention span isn't too long, so they don't spend too much time in one stretch.  But it's there waiting for them when they're ready to come back to it.

So lots more pictures of the swing and swimming and fun to come!  And also the little girls were jeep cruising while the big kids were on the swing in the above pics. 

Also I'm remembering that this night one year ago I was so pregnant, and my mom had just gotten in to town.  My belly was exploding with my little Annalise.  She would be arriving early the next morning.  Oh how I love her, and oh how I can't believe that she will be one year old tomorrow!!!!

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