Saturday, June 25, 2016

First splash

Aside from the social swing, Granny and Poppy added a sand box/sand pile to their backyard.  The sand didn't quite make it completely in the sand box before the cousins got here, but that of course didn't stop the kids from enjoying it.  

And of course the trusty pool where much time was spent.  Granny headed out to the pool for the first time of the visit and all the kids followed her.  Minus the babies.

Sometimes you just have to go potty when you're swimming all day.  :)

Little Leesie played on the porch while Dad watched her.  Or slept.  Or watched her.  Or slept.  Not really sure which one it was, but that's okay, right?  Also she is sporting a green binky in the above pic, which she swiped from her cousin.  They shared binky's and sippies and lots and lots of arms as they were passed around from person to person.

These kids LOVE the water!  And it's pretty nice because now Jace AND Cam can swim without their floaties.  Cam still needs a little bit of a more closetful watch than Jace, but he does really really well.  

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