Friday, June 24, 2016

Memories, People.

SO MANY PICTURES.  I have so many pictures to go through and organize and edit and post and document because MEMORIES ,PEOPLE!!!!!

And I finally finished editing all the baby pics for their one year shots and the cousins pics and Emily's family pics.  And now I am transferring them on a disk drive for you, Emily.  And as the computer does that and I sit here and look at the seriously thousands of pictures and think about going through and finding the post worthy ones, I feel a little overwhelmed.  But in a good way, because I do love editing pictures.

But I thought hey, why not start with these three random pics of Annalise thoroughly enjoying a cookie.  These were taken when the cousins were here, but they have nothing to do with anything else so I think they will have to be their own blog post.  And the first two are so similar.  But they are different. 

So here we go.  Time to dive in.  Or maybe time for Netflix.  Not sure yet.

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The Sandall's said...

Can't wait! loving all the pictures though I feel kind of sad that our KY trip 2016 is already behind us. How did that happen so fast??!?!