Friday, June 3, 2016

Sidewalk chalk face paint

The last day of school was last Tuesday.  It rained Wednesday and Thursday.  And maybe Friday, too.  I can't remember.  But I do know that on one of those days I sent the kids outside with some sidewalk chalk in between some of the heavier rains.  Because they were driving me crazy in the house and I figured eh, a little rain couldn't hurt them, right?

I went inside to get this girlie up from her nap and feed her.  Oh what a sweet little baby.  With her sweet little piggie tail.  That hair just really refuses to grow for me.  Then Brice came home from work so we started talking about some stuff.  And I realized that the kids were being pretty quiet outside.  I couldn't hear them screaming and fighting and yelling and banging on the door asking to come in or yelling that they wanted something to eat.  So I went to investigate.

These are the faces of the three little hoodlums that greeted me at the door.  All I could was just laugh.  I mean really.  They are so natty and crazy and dirty and silly.

I love these crazy kids.  They are so infuriating sometimes, but they bring me so much joy.  My purple wild things.

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