Friday, June 3, 2016

The girls take the lead

Melanie and Troy are having a girl!   So the girls will take the lead, for the time being.  On the Anderson side at least.  The boys are still holding strong on the King side, because Summer and Spencer are having a little boy like in a few weeks.  Woohoo for babies.

Cameron heard us say something about the "girls winning" and said that it still doesn't matter though that there are more girls, because the boys are stronger so they can still beat the girls up.   And also he has the typical little boy attitude that girls are enemies.  Last night at a cub scout thing, he found himself playing with three girls and was astounded that he could even do that.  On the way home from the activity he kept saying, "I made friends with girls."  He was literally shocked.  Which is funny to me because he and Keanzie have always been the best little buddies.  But I guess she doesn't really count in his mind as a girl, since she's his cousin.  

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